The #BleepKind vision is to promote a culture which prioritises health and wellbeing through kindness, understanding and support, to ensure members are ready to meet and exceed identified levels of operational fitness.

We set up #BleepKind, a peer support network for those required to complete the Bleep Test for their job role in February 2021. This was following our own personal experiences and struggles when it came to the test. We are both full time police officers and Mums who wanted to create a safe place where people could come together and share their worries and concerns around the bleep test. Whether that be due to anxiety, injury, post-pregnancy conditions or any other reason, we want people to know that they would not be judged but supported.
Since #BleepKind began, we have set up a Twitter page @BleepKind and a private Facebook page #BleepKind. Both groups have over 3000 members who are not just people who are struggling, but also people who wish to help, give advice and support. It is such a positive place, where we share our challenges, but also celebrate our achievements. We are open to anyone who would like support, whether that be for the 5.4 required for Response Policing or 9.4 for firearms, everyone is welcome.


In March 2023, weput together a great opportunity for members to connect with each other, share their experiences, and expand our network.

At the event,we heard from Oscar Kilo, CopStrong, Police Treatment Centres among others to offer advice on nutrition, exercise and recovery.

Overall, the event was a valuable investment in our professional development and being able to support one another through the bleep test.